I've never had a proper about page or profile anywhere, including here. I did used to have some secret pages here and there with vague hints about myself. I've been thinking it's about time I be more honest. But, of course, I am me. So, this page will still be a secret. I've been struggling with writing this up, since I really don't know what to say. I largely don't like music, movies, TV, video games, or books, and the few I do like don't really tell you anything about me. If you tried talking to me about anything currently popular, odds are I won't even know what it is, much less anything about it. Sorry. I spent a lot of time consuming a lot of things in an attempt to escape from the reality of my shitty childhood, and that carried over into my early adulthood for a while. Over the last few years, I've been re-examining everything and discarded what doesn't really bring me current happiness. Hence my statement that overall, I don't really enjoy any forms of mainstream media, and I don't actively seek out anything for the most part. I still have a Bandcamp account though, because I tend to have...somewhat better luck at finding anything at least somewhat pleasing to me there than elsewhere, but that's really it. There's only a single musician who I have found no songs I don't enjoy. Ocean Calling gets that special place, but I don't exactly know why. The best guess I can make is Sophie's voice tends to be in shades of green for me, and that range of colors generally calms me. I'm sorry. That probably doesn't make any sense. Anyway, you can check out her stuff below. She generally has rough acoustic versions of songs up on YouTube before releasing those songs.
But I'm sure you wanted to know some real, solid information. I'm married, close to thirty, and bisexual. I'm an archer and I play the Native American flute. I also do watercolor painting. My field may have something to do with some branch of science, but I'd rather be a folklorist. Unfortunately, there's no money in that, so here I am. Also, obviously, I live in Georgia. My wife and I first met when we were nine back in fourth grade and lived in the same neighborhood. We were friends by ninth grade. We were best friends by senior year and we started dating when we were both nineteen. Now, we're married. It's kind of bizarre looking back. I would have never seen that one coming. We started dating on a Thanksgiving and we got married on a Halloween with a courthouse wedding. An outdoor wedding in the woods with no shoes would have been even better, but eh, it's hard to find someone around here who'll do that for you. Well, I can always "renew" those vows in a forest someday without needing some person to officiate it. A lot of dark subject matter crop up in my stories. When I started up this site and started back really writing, I had one intention in mind. I'd explore any darkness I encountered in my mind, pull it out into the light, and face it head on--no matter how much it disturbed me. While I also write out awful memories from my own past to record for myself what my life was, I find it's actually easier for me to understand myself, my past, and make connections when I let my mind run free in fiction. I suppose I don't need to say my childhood had a lot of...bad things in it. I'm not ready to go into too much detail about that on this site yet. There is a lot of darkness I still have left to explore. I've also been working on a notebook filled with advice on what works and what doesn't for myself to help deal with the effects of everything that happened in my life. I do want to write really happy endings, but that's not usually where my mind leads me. Maybe one day that won't be a problem.
I'm not a very serious person usually. I'm extremely skeptical, including of myself, and that's made me a little pessimistic. Mostly, I'm very vague and secretive, but you already knew that. One extra little secret: Every single story on my site exists in the same universe (though not necessarily the same planet). Every single one. I've been leaving you hints all over the place. All stories posted will always occur before one particular story, even if the story takes place on a different planet. The latest point is "Rainstorms in July", which is currently not up and probably won't be for a while. But when you see that title pop up, when that takes place, everything else takes place before that point in time. Why am I not going to write anything beyond that point in the timeline? That's still a secret.